GVW: from 10.000 to 18.000 kg 

• Body constructions will be manufactured from NPU140 box profile 

• FLOOR 80 mm sandwich panel with steel construction. 

• 218 mm marine type plywood, PVC floor covering 

• SIDE PANELS 50 mm sandwich panel with steel construction, 

• Indoor and outdoor 2,5 mm Composite Aluminum covered,

• ROOF 55 mm sandwich panel with steel construction Outdoor 2,5 mm CTP covered. 

• REAR WALL ATM CABINE, LEFT WALL Customer entrance door. 

• OUTSIDE CORNERS anodized aluminum profile, BODY SAFETY safe rubber pads-kick plate, HIGHNES AND LOCKS stainless steel

• 220 V external input plug + 25m connecting cable 

• Personal table and chair for 2+2 persons. Wooden materials

• 42 inch LED TV 


• 15U 19-inch rack cabinet 

• All electronics control panels, alarm, generator panel, fire-extinguishing system and other installations 

• Decorative Led type lighting units 

• 10-12 kwa standard diesel generator, A/C 12.000 btu – 3 units 

• 10 pcs night vision cam. Control panel in driver cabin. NVR recording system, UPS system. Power depending on electrical systems

• 5G MODEM for wireless inter