• Water tanker is designed to carry and transfer water with either road cleaning purposes or to distribute potable (drinkable) water. It can be elliptical, cylindrical, D shape. 

• Tank is made of sheet metal or stainless steel. 

• Tank chassis is mounted on the real chassis with flexible connections as per the truck chassis manufacturer’s bodybuilder instructions

. • There is a manhole on the top of the tank ( 500mm diameter) 

• There are sufficient amount of baffles to prevent any overflow during transportation. 

• Ventilation unit supports releasing of excess air and water inside.

• Tanker has water level indicator. 

• For the easy access to the top pool and manhole, ladder is mounted on the side or the rear part of the superstructure. 

• Centrifugal Type Water Pump that has suitable capacity accordingly with the tank capacity is driven by truck’s PTO that is controlled from the cab or with Moto Pump.

 • Tank can be filled by gravity from the top opening or filling tank from outsources by suction hoses is possible. 

• At most suitable place, hose reel is mounted. 

• Different Accessories