Combined Vacuum and Canal Jetting Trucks

Our Combined System (Cesspit Emptier with Jet Cleaner) provides 
vacuum cleaning of septic tanks and sewers while washing and cleaning 
sewage pipes with a high-pressure water jet. These vehicles provide 
fast, efficient and economical cleaning and maintenance to the city 
sewerage network or wherever it is neccessary. Maximal hygienic 
conditions are also provided during work in inhabited areas.These 
combined vehicles are double purpose constructed: sewer water 
cleaning with high pressure pump and vacuum pump for mud collecting. 
These functions can be done simultaneously together or individually. 

Our wide range of vacuum pumps and high-pressure pumps allows our 
customers to choose the one that best suits their specific working 
requirements and vehicle. 

• Combined Canalization and Canal Cleaning Vehicles 
• Combined Canalization and Canal Cleaning Vehicles with Recycling Sytem 
• Sewage Trucks (Canalization Vehicles) 
• Canal Cleaning Vehicles (Kuka) 
• Cesspit Emptier