Garbage Collection and Transport Vehicles

Having over 20 years production experience of Garbage Compactors, our vehicles offers reliable performance, low maintenance and innovative features for every country. We change and adapt our 
designs to fit your country’s conditions and needs. We offer a wide range of body volumes and a multitude of lifting devices to provide a custom made solution for every application. Our Garbage collectors can be exported as knock down units and can be mounted in your country on the chassis you already have. Through our local partners we always provide timely periodical revisions to our superstructures as well as prompt action in case of warranty claims. 

We produce our Garbage Compactor superstructures with the standards of EN 1501-1+A1 2015, EN ISO 9001:2015 certification. 

• Rear Loader Refuse Collection Vehicles 
• Rear Loader Refuse Collection Vehicles for Underground Containers 
• Waste Transfer Trailers 
• Mini Tippers 
• Maxi Tippers 
• Skip Loaders