Mercedes Sprinter Ambulances

Our ambulances are designed in accordance with TS EN 1789+A2 standards and 
manufactured with resistant up to 10g crash. There are patient transportation, 
emergency aid and intensive care options. 

We design our ambulances with high-quality superstructure and medical 
equipments, where your needs meet with hospital standards. 

We have EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485, ISO EN 1865, TS EN1789+A2 and also CE 
certificates for ambulance production. 

Type B Emergency Ambulance (TS EN1789+A2) Details For Technical and 
Medical Equipments:

• Abs left-right side and ceiling pannels. 
• Defibrillator, Central Oxygen System and tubes, Medical material and medicine and Electrical control panel compartments 
• Seperator cabinet drawer rails 
• ABS seperator cabinet-top bench 
• Doctor and nurse chair 
• Sliding door glass installation 
• Air conditioner 
• Diesel type cabin heater 
• Turbofan ventiling 
• Roof, side and front panel floor coating 
• Floor antibacterial pvc coating coating (plywood) 
• 1000w 12v to 220v inverter 
• Ceiling led lamps 
• Extra 105Ah battery 
• Touchscreen control panel system 
• 12v/ 220v electric sockets 
• Front-rear bacon lamp (with light barloudspeaker) 
• Side box light and siren announcer 
• Fire extinguisher 
• Reflective external writings 
• Ceiling type hand holder 
• Ceiling type serum hangers 
• Fix type ambulance main stretcher (10G crash test) 
• Scoop stretcher 
• Spineboard stretcher 
• Vacum stretcher 
• Fixed spyghonometer and stethescope 
• Disposible kit 
• Medical bag 
• Automatic suction machine 
• Defibrillator with monitor 
• Transport ventilator 
• Laryngoscope set 
• Ambu set