Military Type Armored Ambulances

Our armored ambulances are specially manufactured for the defence industry and provide safe transportation for personnels and patients up to B7 level. Military Type Armored Ambulances provides the continuity of the movement in the most heavy combat, war and climate conditions. 

Our ambulances are designed according to EN 1789 standards and manufactured with resistant up to 10g crash. We have patient transportation, emergency aid and intensive care options. 

We design our ambulances with high-quality superstructure and medical equipments, where your needs meet with hospital standards. 

We have EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485, ISO EN 1865, TS EN1789+A2 and also CE certificates for ambulance production of case type ambulance with 1 to 4 patient capacity. 

Type B Emergency Ambulance(TS EN1789+A2) Details For Technical and Medical 

• Abs left-right side and ceiling pannels. 
• Defibrillator, Central Oxygen System and tubes, Medical material and medicine and Electrical control panel compartments 
• Seperator cabinet drawer rails 
• ABS seperator cabinet-top bench 
• Doctor chair 
• Roof, side and front panel floor coating 
• Floor antibacterial pvc coating coating (plywood) 
• 1000w 12v to 220v inverter 
• Ceiling led lamps 
• Extra 105Ah battery 
• Touchscreen control panel system 
• 12v/ 220v electric sockets 
• Front-rear bacon lamp (with light barloudspeaker) 
• Side box light and siren announcer 
• Fire extinguisher 
• Reflective external writings 
• Ceiling type hand holder 
• Ceiling type serum hangers 
• Fix type ambulance main stretcher (10G crash test) 
• Scoop stretcher 
• Spineboard stretcher 
• Vacum stretcher 
• Fixed spyghonometer and stethescope 
• Disposible kit 
• Medical bag 
• Automatic suction machine 
• Defibrillator with monitor 
• Transport ventilator 
• Laryngoscope set 
• Ambu set