Mobile Command and Control Vehicle (MCCV)

Command & Control Vehicle Technology 

We have equipped some of the most advanced emergency command and control 
vehicles in the world and in the process revolutionised the ways that emergency 
services personnel communicate when responding to major incidents. 

We are proud that in our experience of delivering command and control/incident 
ground projects, we have developed a solutions and service offering that is trusted, 
fit-for-purpose and dedicated to supporting first responders and the critical 
environment in which they operate. 

RN Industry has vast experience in providing incident command and support 
solutions utilising proven technologies and methodologies. This experience is put to 
the test every day when solutions we have provided to our customers are dispatched to deal with a wide variety of deployments. 

Our Solutions Enable Customers To: 
• Effectively support operational deployments 
• Provide robust and effective access to operational applications and support 
• Share and access information across multi-agency incidents, supporting 
collaboration and interoperability 
• Improve command and control and incident management 
• Deploy network infrastructures in ad-hoc and unpredictable environments 
• Monitor and manage pre-planned events 
• Provide real-time situational awareness across multiple locations 
• Securely and effectively share data and information across multiple locations 
• Deploy solutions to meet various operational objectives and outcomes, ensuring 
maximum value of investment 
• Support operational users with simple and effective solutions designed for the 
mobile environment 
• Reduce costs and requirements for intensive and technical training programmes 
with a focus integration method designed for non-technical operators 
• Total Turnkey Solutions – Mobile Incident Command Units 

We provide secure, resilient mobile and incident ground connectivity solutions 
covering satellite, cellular and private LTE services as well as a varied suite of incident ground products and solutions. This makes us an ideal partner for integrating 
complete mobile command and incident ground technology solutions.