Mobile Laboratory Solutions

We produce mobile health vehicles mainly as Mobile Health Care Vehicle, Mobile 
Laboratory Vehicles, Ophtalmology & ENT Vehicle, Mobile Dental Health Care 
Vehicle and Mobile Blood Drawing Vehicles. 

There are room walls covered with sound and heat insulating material. 

There are cabinets, tables and drawers made of foamboard material in 
the appropriate areas in the rooms. There is a heating and cooling system 
independent of the vehicle. The entire vehicle floor is waterproof, antibacterial 
pvc coating. There is an automatic, hydraulic fixing and balancing system that 
works when the vehicle is parked. It has input sockets and extension cables, 
and there are 400 lt clean and waste water tanks and water supply installation. 
Laboratory benches resistant to chemical materials, 

There is a sink system and accessories. 

In the laboratory, there are pure water device, blood counter, urine analyzer, 
incubator, centrifuge, microscope, cooler, various laboratory materials, patient 
examination table and equipment.