Special Buses

Our specially designed buses are not only provides the comfort only, 
it also provides technology and engineering which determine new 
standards in order to flexible using aim and environmental compatibility. 
We design our buses in models ranging from 8-person VIP use to 
32-person use. By using high-tech light alloy materials in our projects, 
we ensure that buses are longer lasting and lighter. 

In our specially designed buses, the following comfort elements can 
be added according to demand; 
• VIP sections 
• Bedroom section 
• Study room and conference room 
• Separate shower and rest room unit for the VIP section 
• Optional kitchen section and equipment 
• Travel section which is constituted by high comfort seats 
• Special audio and video systems 
• Armour with high protection level. 

We offer the following models according to the purpose of use in a 
wide range of designs;
• Football team bus 
• Selection and meeting bus 
• Airport VIP ground services bus 
• VIP Transfer bus 
• Artist transfer and tour bus 
• Armored custom-made buses 
• Training buses 
• Offer special and promotional buses 
• Buses designed upon request