Tippers & Tipper Trailers

Tipper has the capability to manufacture both sand and stone type 
tipper and tipper trailers either normal type or half pipe type (u) with 
hydraulic tail gates option, tipper bodies can be made out of normal 
steel (st-37,st-52) or Hardox material. 

All body and gates are being supported with vertical steel ‘u’ type 
profiles considering the capacity. Side doors can be produced either 
fixed or movable. The rear gate is attached from the top and has the 
automatically locking type and/or with hydraulic tailgate. Is supported 
by supporting profiles. 

Lifting Mechanism 
Body is being lifted from the front by telescopic type cylinder. 
Hydraulic Installation 
Hydraulic power is supplied by the transfer of energy from PTO to 
the pump. PTO is controlled from the driver cab. The oil tank has 70lt 
capacity. On the tank there are, 125” suction filter, and 25” return filter 
with ventilation, level indicator, special valve, and releasing tap. All pipes 
used in the installation are suitable with DIN NORMS. 

Tipper Trailer 
2 or 3 axles options. Chassis and axles, brakes and electrical 
installations are produced accordingly with the regulated norms. 
Hydraulic System and Fuel Pump is driven by PTO. Mechanical legs are 
operated parallelly, with double speed, telescopic, static has 50 tondynamic 
25 ton capacity. 

Tipper Semi Trailer Accessories 
• Tool box 
• Mudguard that covers rear axle wheels 
• Ladder at right side 
• Hooks at rear, side and front gates 
• Water tank for washing hand