Turpaulin Trailers

Our Curtain and Tarpaulin product range family, which are our newly developed 
products, are designed for transporters aiming to carry more cargo at a time and 
low fuel consumption when they are empty. With the most effective solutions for 
different needs, with different internal volume and wheel heights, it meets all kinds 
of needs of our customers. 

Mega and CargoP400 Huckepack Curtain Semi Trailer is one of our favorite 
products for transporters, who wants more to load, lower fuel consumption 
and easier loading and unloading. This product has EN 12642 CODE XL load 
safety certificate, and has a special woven and anti-spark feature. The chassis is 
reinforced in accordance with the P400 Huckepack lifting system. All models are 
divided into interior height / volume and weight classes.