Water Tankers & Water Tanker Trailers

Water tankers are designed to carry water, transfer water via pump and irrigate road when needed. Water tank is made of sheet material with appropriate thickness or stainless steel in the shape of elliptic, cylindrical or D cross section. Sufficient amount of breakwaters is mounted in water tank. There is manhole with 500 mm diameter on the top of tank. When tank is full, air escape or transfer pipe is placed under tank in such way that there will be no water leakage. 

There is a level indicator on tank to show amount of water. There is a walkway on the top pf tank and a ladder at the back of tank to climb over. Water tank chassis is attached to vehicle chassis via panel at the back and via flexible joint at the front. One-stage centrifuge type pump is used on vehicle. For easier response, pump is attached to side of vehicle chassis and it is moved by PTO. PTO is controlled from vehicle cabin. Tank can be filled with water by attaching hose of external resource to top filler cap or natural flow. Road irrigation mechanism can be mounted to the front of vehicle if required.