Mobile Bank Trucks

Mobile bank units are revalutionary new concept in Banking which 
provides full banking service of a bank branch. The project can be 
applied on vans, buses as well as trucks to reach the bank clients in 
different locations in and out of cities. 

It provides silent operation and producing its own energy, 
uninterrupted communication and data transfer through uplink 
antenna and gsm due to its generator. 

Therefore, it provides uninterrupted service of the institution in case 
of natural disaster, concert etc 

Mobilebank Types 
• Panelvan vehicle (like sprinter) mini (4-6mt) mobile bank with 1 
• Pick up truck vehicle mini (4-6mt) mobile bank with 1 counter 
• Truck vehicle mobile bank with 2 counter and offices (6-9mt) 
• Trailer type mobile bank with 4 counter, office and living areas 
(12,13,6 mt)