Street Sweepers

Stainless steel water tank and hopper bottom makes you sure to 
have a vacuum sweeper with extended life time. We have choosen 
chromealloyed stainless steel to produce water tank and hopper bottom. 
Stainless steel hopper, Completely stainless steel made hopper can be 
ordered in case of you need for an extended life-time. 

Truck Mounted Weepers: 
• Capacites : 3,5m³ / 4,5m³ / 5,5m³ / 6,5m³ / 7,5m³ / 9,5m³ 
• Suitable :Different size of vacuum type road sweepers from 4 cubic 
meters to 10 cubic meters can install to suitable carrier vehicles. 
• Efficient Irrigation :Standard high pressure water pump provides more 
efficient irrigation. It use less water with optimum water consumption 
• User Friendly : Easy to understand and user friendly control panel give 
advantage to the operator to control whole system. 
• Auxiliary Engine : Standard 115 Hp Auxiliary Engine generate enough 
power for vacuuming. 115 Hp Engine can generate necessary power 
with low operation rpm with low noise level and fuel saving. 
• IP65 Electric Panel : Kademe truck mounted sweepers are protected 
from dust and low-pressure water jets due to IP Certificate. 
• Fiber Doors : Fiber doors on both size give easy access to the auxiliary 
engine in case of maintenance or break down 
• Aluminum Suction Mouth 
• Camera System : Side and suction mouth cameras for better 
operational visibility. 
• 7” Screen : In-cabin screen to control operation. 

Compact Sweepers 
• Ability to go to the curb, 1.100 lt. It provides an advantage in sweeping the 
car parks, closed areas, and narrow urban roads with its ability to discharge 
directly into the garbage container, its two-wheel-drive feature, and its 
• A wide range of optional equipment is available, such as the third brush, 
snow blade, and salt sprayer